Innovative Strategic Training Achieving Results

The iSTAR program is a grant funded program designed to train individuals for a new career pathway. Student participants receive the benefit of their accelerated education being grant funded, while employers receive a well-trained umployee. iSTAR will also reimburse employers for 50% of the graduates salary for the the first 18 weeks they are on the job.

iSTAR is an established model with a broad employer base, and individualized student support, which focuses on the long term unemployed and underemployed in Northwest Ohio.

WSOS is an iSTAR partner who works to identify the long-term unemployed and underemployed from the Northwest Ohio region. Candidates who are determined to be eligible for grant funds recieve free tuition, and training materials. This is an exciting opportunity for a no cost education.

Once prospective candidates have been identified, they will meet with the Career Coach / Job Developer for a one on one meeting to complete application paper work.  At the completion of that meeting they will be given access to an assessment that determines that individuals eligibility for the program and grant funding. All iSTAR programs are excellerated training programs for those who qualify.